Five Reasons to hire an electrician

There are benefits to doing your own electrical work, but it’s best to let an electrician call the shots when it comes to electrical work. Why is that? This is because electricians are trained professionals who have training, experience and education dealing with live electrical wires! As the Spruce states, “even if you know 92 percent Read more

Flooding and electrical safety

The flooding in Nebraska and Iowa has devastated small towns and cities all across the states. The widespread damage is still prevalent in the small towns and cities whose railroads, roads, businesses and homes are still under water with no timeline on when these establishment and homes will be repaired. Over 93 counties have been accepted Read more

Electrical updates to consider during home renovations!

It seems that Spring and Summer are the time for homeowners to update their kitchen, bathrooms and finally start that addition! While this is an exciting and expensive moment for homeowners, it’s imperative to save money on decor and not DIY electrical work. As a residential electrician, Elite Electric wants all homeowners to know what electrical Read more

The importance of ceiling fans

The Midwest Summers are approaching faster and faster. Before we know it, it’ll be hot, humid and July. Get your home prepared for the weather that is approached by installing a ceiling fan. If your home already has ceiling fans, it’s important to have a home electrician inspect it for unbalanced blades and motor issues. The Read more