When you experience an electrical issue in your commercial or residential space, you want it fixed fast and you want it fixed right. If you don’t already have an electrician in mind, you are likely to search Google.

But how do you know which electrical contractors will be reputable and will provide the best and most reliable electrical services? 

Choosing the right electrical contractor is essential. You need an expert to ensure a safe and effective job is done, so here are a few guidelines to help. 


Experienced electrical contractors are well versed in their field and have the skills required to deliver quality results. It is too risky to hire a newly formed electrical company as they are still in their trial and error phase, and will use you as an experiment.

Ensure your electrical contractors have experience handling the type of work you are looking to have done.

Elite Electric performs both residential and commercial electrical work for residents in Omaha, Nebraska. We are experienced and deliver quality work on time.

Check credentials

Legally all licensed electricians are required to carry insurance and a local license. 

 Ask for a copy to avoid hiring a company that is not certified. Keep in mind to ask about their training, it will give you a better understanding of what to expect.  Always ask where your contractor received training and the jobs they have completed before.

Customer reviews

You’re in need of electrical services, where’s the first place you look to find help? Your phone- Googling a company and reading their reviews.  Look for online portfolios, customer testimonials, online reviews, and any other information that helps you decide which company to choose.

Reading through these reviews can help ensure the company in question is reliable, professional, and priced fairly. 

Although the internet is a great resource when you are looking for information, it isn’t always reliable. Since not all information on the web is factual or accurate, you should consider asking a trusted person for their advice on who to hire. 

Ask family and friends

The most reliable way to find an excellent electrical company is hearsay. Ask around, you never know if your colleague had the same repair done last month or if your family member knows someone reliable in the business.

You can also consult with local hardware and electrical supply stores, which often have a short list of professionals they recommend to their customers.

Ask for references

Credible electrical contractors will readily provide you with references from previous clients. After reading their online reviews, it’s recommended to check up on their references.

You want to find out how happy their last customers are with the work provided. References will also help you determine whether your contractor can deliver on your project or not. 

Elite Electric upholds every customer with integrity and provides the best solution for your electricity needs. We do not take your electrical project lightly and ensure you are satisfied throughout. Contact us today if you have any residential or commercial electrical project.