At Elite Electric Omaha, homeowners often have several questions ranging from outlet concerns to rewiring their entire home! This is why our experts have compiled a small, but comprehensive list of common FAQs that homeowners ask an electrician. 

Q): When should I call an electrician? 

A): This is a common question that homeowners wonder and ask an electrician! Our experts recommend you call a trusted electrician when homeowners are constantly checking their circuit breakers, lights are dimming, plugins are staying inside outlets, AC units aren’t working properly and even more! 

Q): What electrical work can I DIY? 

A): Yes, there is always a DIY work that can be done by homeowners. This can include changing smoke detectors or carbon monoxide batteries or checking out your circuit breaker; however, the moment wires are showing step away! 

As a leading Electrician Omaha, we recommend that homeowners NEVER touch the wires with DIY work. 

This is because if one wire is hooked to the wrong one, it can affect the entire home’s lighting. Another reason is that it can cause home fires and even more damage than before! An electrician goes to school almost as long as a doctor, so let the professionals handle the wires! 

Q): Do you handle home repairs? 

A): Yes! Elite Electric Omaha handles all types of home repairs from ceiling fan installations to updating electrical outlets for homeowners. It’s imperative to find the best Electrician Omaha to handle all of your electrical work for the longevity of your home. 

Q): What is a power surge? 

A): A power surge is common in households, and oftentimes, homeowners are unaware that this is not normal. A power surge might remind you of storm season. This is because the lights dim or flicker all on their own and come right back to normal. That is what a power surge essentially is. 

Q): What causes power surges?

A): Power surges typically come from lighting or burst of voltage for the local power plant. Another reason is that a number of large appliances are using more electricity than needed or a circuit can handle! If this is constantly happening, it could be other electrical problems in your home such as bad outlets or bad wiring. 

During a power surge, your electronics could be damaged. This is because a surge can reach over 169 volts! If you ask an electrician, they will recommend a power surge protector for all your electronics. A Point-of-Surge protector can help alleviate any issues with surges. 

Make sure to call an electrician if surges continue to happen inside of your home! 

Q): How do I reset a breaker? 

A):  A circuit breaker is your home’s break box. This is the box inside your home that stops excess currents and voltage from entering your home. If there is a surge of power, the breaker will “trip” or shut off. This is when homeowners need to reset their breaker.

Resetting a home’s breaker is easy once you locate it. Make sure to open the breaker’s door, find the correct room’s breaker toggle. This is where things can get tricky. If a breaker’s toggles are not labelled, you could blindly turning off power to the wrong rooms in your home. If this is the case, call an electrician for help! 

At Elite Electric Omaha, these are the basics of our FAQs, next-week we will get into the deep details on other FAQs homeowners ask!