There are benefits to doing your own electrical work, but it’s best to let an electrician call the shots when it comes to electrical work. Why is that?

This is because electricians are trained professionals who have training, experience and education dealing with live electrical wires! As the Spruce states, “even if you know 92 percent of electrical work, it’s the other eight percent that can hurt you.”

These are the five reasons to hire an Omaha electric company to help you finish all your projects.

Save time

At the end of the day, the DIY route will take your more time than calling an Omaha electric company. Even if you’ve got a basic understanding of electrical work; the electrical work that might need to be finished can take a professional a couple of minutes to an hour versus days with the DIY route.

Keep yourself safe

There are several issues that can arise such as home fires and live wire shocking. Over 67,800 home fires are due to electrical issues. Any electrical work should be handled by professionals because it can lead to serious injuries. Once an error occurs that a homeowner is unaware of, it can affect the entire home and endanger your family.   

DIY could be illegal

Yup, it’s true! It’s illegal for homeowners to tinker with their own light fixtures!  This is because of the permits and codes that need to be met to ensure the safety of everyone who inhabits the home. Electrical work needs to be up to city codes and inspected. A simple wire out of place can cause an outage in your home, and without a permit or inspection certification, any DIY projects are not covered by home insurance companies.

Reduces stress

Yes, sanding your walls, painting the living room and other DIY projects are fun and exciting! We agree with this! However, those who try to do their own electrical work often realize this can be a complicated and not fun job. This can cause stress between spouses because you can’t just leave live wiring out. Get outside and enjoy your weekend and let the professionals who find electrical work fun do it for you!

Get it done right the first time!

When you call an Omaha electric company, you can trust that the job will be done correctly. It’s as simple as a flick of a switch! Home Depot has boxes or outlets, tools, nuts and bolts and a number of other items. Do you know what kind of outlets should be installed? How about the correct size for bolts? This is all very important to understand and a professional can easily find the right size for you in stock.  

These five reasons explain the importance of hiring a professional to handle all of your electrical work!


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