How to prevent summer brownouts

Heavy storm seasons often lead to dreaded power outages. If you find yourself in this situation and need further assistance, electrical contractors in your area are a great resource.   Here are a few tips for preventing brownouts while staying cool this summer.  What is a brownout? A brownout, also referred to as a voltage slump, is Read more

Electrical Frequently Asked Questions PART 1!

At Elite Electric Omaha, homeowners often have several questions ranging from outlet concerns to rewiring their entire home! This is why our experts have compiled a small, but comprehensive list of common FAQs that homeowners ask an electrician.  Q): When should I call an electrician?  A): This is a common question that homeowners wonder and ask Read more

Home generators 101

When power lines are down, home generators can come in handy to homeowners everywhere. Generators restore energy to a home during a power outage, which can be caused by severe weather storms. A generator is an important investment in your energy security.  There are a lot of dangers that can come with generators, as it can Read more

Making the switch over to smart lights

Everyday people are told to upgrade their appliances, phones and even their homes! So, what’s keeping people from jumping on the bandwagon? The answer: Unfamiliarity. When something unfamiliar is first introduced it can take time to build the trust in that product or service. So, to make people more comfortable with new technologies like smart home Read more

Five Reasons to hire an electrician

There are benefits to doing your own electrical work, but it’s best to let an electrician call the shots when it comes to electrical work. Why is that? This is because electricians are trained professionals who have training, experience and education dealing with live electrical wires! As the Spruce states, “even if you know 92 percent Read more