Electrical outages are inevitable; there is no way around them. However, an uninterruptible power supply prevents data loss and lets you shut down computers properly when an electrical outage takes place. As great as this is, this equipment will only work dependably if you perform preventive maintenance. The UPS batteries that last the longest and provide the best performance are the ones that are being managed and cared for. Omaha electric companies know the importance of this.Here are some steps you can take to make sure you’re uninterruptible power supply equipment is working properly and efficiently. 


To get started, briefly examine the ventilation grills. If necessary, you can clean these opening and remover any objects that have blocked them. This will prevent the UPS from overheating.

In the case of the unit’s fan not working, you should contact an Omaha electric company to replace the fan component. Excessive heat could trigger permanent damage to the equipment, which can be a costly repair. It is important to make sure your unit’s fan is working properly. Keeping your UPS at a comfortable temperature is crucial to maximizing UPS life and capabilities. 


Whenever a UPS system unnecessarily switches to backup power, it reduces the battery’s total energy capacity. Try to handle and configure your equipment in ways that prevent this from happening.

Examine the backup batteries from time to time. Clean them if you notice any grime. Immediately remove a battery that has begun to leak acid but be sure to wear protective gloves.

Pay attention to the indicator lights. Many models will automatically tell you when a battery needs replacement. Uninterruptible power supplies generally require new batteries every four years.

Look at a nearby thermometer regularly, especially when weather conditions change. Your UPS batteries won’t last as long if temperatures exceed 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Consider adjusting your thermostat.


Remember to check electrical outlets before using them to run this equipment. Numerous UPS models can tell you if an outlet isn’t grounded correctly. You may also use an outlet tester. Call a local residential or commercial electrician if you find any problems.

Self-testing functions can help you verify that a UPS system will work properly when an outage occurs. Many units periodically test themselves, but you may also conduct testing by pushing a button.


Spare UPS batteries need maintenance as well. Different experts recommend charging stored batteries every three, four or six months. If stored batteries aren’t charged every six months or so, they will suffer a permanent loss of capacity within 18 to 30 months.  Avoid excessively high temperatures and humidity levels. A hotter storage room necessitates more frequent charging.

When you take the time to complete these preventive maintenance tasks, your uninterruptible power supply, and backup batteries will last much longer. You can also expect them to function more reliably in an outage.
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