Generator Systems/ Power Backup

Are you prepared for power outages?
Elite Electric installs and maintains emergency power solutions ranging from portable generator hook-ups to your electrical panel, to propane or diesel powered standby generators with automatic start during a power outage.

A generator is an important investment in your energy security. Part of the peace-of-mind that comes with owning a generator system is knowing that the installation company will be around for years to come when the system needs servicing.

For residential and commercial emergency power needs, there are three types of generators to consider:

  • Portable Generators – These are small, portable generators that are fueled by gasoline or propane. To use these safely in your home, you’ll need a manual transfer switch that allows you to direct energy from your generator to your electrical panel. When the power goes out, you start the generator, and flip the switch.
  • Standby Generators – These large, stationary generators are fueled by propane or natural gas. Standby generators typically have built-in automatic transfer switches, so that when the power goes out the generator automatically starts and directs energy to your electrical panel.
  • Commercial or Large Residential Generators –Large-scale generators are scaled-up versions of standby generators, that ensure your business can continue to function in the event of a power outage.

We Can Help You Decide

Call our office to describe your backup power needs and we will help you select the right option for your budget. We can recommend which portable generators to consider and which to avoid. If you’re in the market for an automatic standby generator solution, we can design a customized generator solution to suit your needs. If needed, we can coordinate the complete installation, which typically includes propane and excavation work in addition to electrical.

Call us at (402) 350-7925 or contact us via email today for more information on how we can help you with your home generator or commercial generator needs.