Our Services

We take great care in providing you the best electrical services possible. Expect for us to show up on time, be respectful of your business or home, plan with safety in mind, and get the job done within budget. Service you deserve, quality you can trust every time. Some of the most common electrical services we provide in Omaha include:

  • Adding Outlets
  • Panel Upgrades
  • Under Cabinet Lights
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Real Estate Electrical Inspections
  • Generator Back-Up Systems
  • Eave Lighting
  • Change Out Electrical Ballast
  • Upgrade to LED Bulbs
  • Hot Tub and Jacuzzi Hook Ups
  • Pole Lighting


New Construction

We work with builders of residential and commercial spaces to properly set up electrical. From under cabinet lights, outlets, panel upgrades, hot tub and jacuzzi hookups, and everything electrical in between.
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Residential Service Calls

Need lighting added in your ceiling, under your cabinets, or elsewhere? We respond to residential service calls for home remodeling projects and for any electrical emergencies.
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Existing Residential

If its in your home and its electrical we do that; from adding an outlet for a wall hung TV, to hanging a ceiling fan or changing out your dated light fixtures. We also change out old dangerous panels and fuses to current panels were you have the option to add the protection of arch fault breakers that help prevent house fires.
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Existing Commercial

Renovations and remodels of commercial spaces typically involve updating the electrical or installing new electrical- both indoor and outdoor. Some typical types of Commercial work we do includes parking lot lighting, grounding, and upgrading lights to LEDs.
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Generator Systems/ Power Backup

We help you prepare for emergencies with our generator systems and power backup services. Don’t be left in the cold when the power goes out. Our generators are already firing up and transferring your power to your critical circuits so you can stay warm and not miss your favorite show!
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