With a rise of tornadoes hitting metro areas across America, it’s essential to know how to be prepared and safe in the event of a natural disaster. Now more than ever, tornadoes are at a record high in the U.S.

So, what causes tornadoes to form?

For the average person, a tornado is thought of as a destructive funnel of wind that can destroy their lives in an instance. But, as far as tornados go scientifically, the process of a tornado forming is very complex.

For starters, twisters are created by thunderstorms known as supercells. A supercell has four different categories, such as high or low precipitation, classic or miniature. The most common of the four is a classic supercell that are found mainly on the great plains of the U.S.

Once a supercell begins to rotate, a tornado is more likely to form. With a mixture of warm and moist air rotating at ground level a tornado is almost always a possibility.

From there, the increase of a wind speed up to 250 miles an hour can tear through a town clearing away houses and more up to a mile wide. Not only do tornadoes wreck homes, but other electrical issues can be caused by them as well.

Watch out for the following electrical issues after a tornado:

A brief volt of power that can damage equipment or endanger anyone in its path. That’s why it’s important to contact an electrician Omaha in the event of a broken power box or other electrically powered appliances.

  • Generators

If used in your home, generators can cause illness or death because of the buildup of carbon monoxide in an inclosed space.  

  • Turning on appliances

If appliances are turned on when they are damaged, gas leaks or exposed wiring could cause a house fire, electrocution or an explosion.

Aftermath of a tornado

Anytime you are entering a building that has been through a tornado, you need to proceed with extreme caution. In a perfect world, you would consult an electrician Omaha to help you ensure your home in safe to enter.

But, in the aftermath of a tornado there may be multiple houses and other buildings damaged in the wreckage. Therefore, it is important to follow certain procedures until help is available to you.

What to do after a tornado

  1. Make sure no one is hurt!
  • If someone is hurt, DO NOT move them. Trying to reposition them could increase the seriousness of their injury. Instead call for help at 9-1-1.
  • If someone isn’t breathing and you are trained than you can perform CPR.
  • If someone is trapped, tell them to whistle or bang on walls until help can be reached.
  1. Beware of the weather coming your way!
  • By keeping an eye on the weather you can find shelter or go home to access the damage. Depending on if law enforcement has said it’s safe to return home.
  1. Access your home for damage!
  • Look for hazards, such as the ones listed above with caution. If you witness any signs of damage, turn off the power to your home immediately and consult an electrician Omaha.
  • Make note of the damage done to your home for insurance records.

Overall, after a natural disaster happens like a tornado it is easy to panic and forget what other dangers like electricity lie around buildings. That is why knowing how to be safe in the event of a tornado is so important for you and your loved ones.

Please, contact an electrician Omaha in the event of a natural disaster, before you think about dealing with your electricity on your own.